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Ballistic Club 7.62x51mm Rifle Protection Combat IIIA Fast High-Cut Helmet

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Why we can provide customers with affordable and good-quality ballistic helmets?

Our ballistic helmets are the trusted brand for police departments, civilians, and active-duty military around the world.

We are a helmet manufacturer and we have our own factories. We have been providing protective gear for South Asia and the Middle East since 2012.

We entered North America in 2020 and registered a local company. This stems from one of our agent customers in Vietnam recommending his American friend who is a helmet dealer to us, which makes us aware of the fact that American police departments, civilians, and active-duty military are in desperate need of ballistic helmets. But at present, our American customers can only buy ballistic helmets at high prices. This brings home to us that as a helmet manufacturer, it is our job to provide customers with ballistic helmets of good quality and at reasonable prices.

To this end, we are committed to providing customers with affordable and quality ballistic helmets.


Ballistic Club--Our Japanese factory production line&Our helmets NIJ IIIA Testing video

Ballistic Performance

  • Resistant to penetration (V0) from a 9 mm Full Metal Jacketed Round Nose bullet with a nominal mass of 124 grains in accordance with NIJ 0106.01 at 1400 (+50) feet per second at 0° obliquity
  • Provides protection against select small arms projectiles including 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO ball projectile with V50 ballistic limit value >2,400 f/s (>731 m/s)
  • Ballistic transient deformation of the helmet shell does not cause deformation in clay in excess of 25 mm when tested against 9 mm projectile at 1400 (+50) feet per second (426 m/s) at 0° obliquity according to the US ACH CO/PD-05-04

Fragmentation Performance

  • Provides fragmentation protection against 17 grain .22 caliber FSP at >3,100 ft/s (>1000 m/s) V50 when tested in accordance to STANAG 2920

Blunt Impact Performance

  • Meets the US ACH standard.


We offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty on all products sold on our website. This means we guarantee that your product will remain free of manufacturer defects under normal use for 10 years.



>>> Click here to check the NIJ Threat Level Report <<<




Versatile Protection in a Wide Range of Field Conditions

The Combat IIIA Ballistic Helmet helps protect against handgun bullets, blunt impacts, bomb fragmentation and select small arms projectiles, including 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO ball projectile with V0 @ 2100 ft/sec (640 m/sec) and V50 ballistic limit value >2460 fps (>750 m/s). The combat III ballistic helmet also provides fragmentation protection against 17 grain .22 cal FSP at >3,281 f/s (>1000 m/s) V50 when tested in accordance with STANAG 2920. It is resistant to penetration against NIJ IIIA threats.

The versatile geometry of the helmet is similar to the U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) and allows for the use of accessories, such as ballistic helmet communications systems, eye, ear, and respiratory protection. The helmet also has a specially-engineered neck trim for providing enhanced coverage without limiting movement when used in tandem with most ballistic vests.

The combat IIIA ballistic helmet uses an integrated retention system built from tubular nylon webbing which is reinforced with double bar-tacked stitching in critical areas. In addition, it comes with an adjustable, smooth slide lock system and a padded strap for the nape of the neck which enhances stability for a secure fit. The D30® Trust Helmet Pad System inside the helmet includes one circular crown pad, two trapezoidal pads, and four oblong pads which are designed to reduce the force of blunt trauma while wicking away perspiration.



Globally, military and police forces are seeking a state-of-the-art helmet to protect their service members from modern threats, like rifle fire and explosive devices. The new Combat IIIA Ballistic Helmet is designed to meet this pressing need at a level of comfort that appeals to users. The helmet leverages 3M scientific expertise to deliver its highest ballistic protection to date and is based on a technology that has already been proven with the U.S. military.

Designed for military combat operations and counterterrorism police missions, the Combat IIIA helmet can help protect service members from bomb fragmentations, certain rifle projectiles, handgun bullets, and blunt impacts. The helmet provides protection against select small arms projectiles including a V50 ballistic limit value greater than 2,400 feet per second (greater than 731 meters per second) against the 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO ball projectile.

The Combat IIIA helmet achieves its high level of protection without increased weight. This allows military and police forces to receive greater protection without sacrificing mobility, which is required for today’s increasingly urban missions and close-quarters combat.

The Combat IIIA helmet is made with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene composites and uses proprietary, seamless, ballistic-molding technology to form a durable protective shell. The helmet’s proven geometry allows uninhibited movement when the helmet is worn with most ballistic vests with collars. The helmet is offered in sizes small through extra-large and supports a variety of accessories and communication needs.



  • Used for protection from select small arms/rifle projectiles, handgun bullets, blunt impacts, and bomb fragmentation
  • Provides protection against select small arms projectiles: 7.62x51mm FMJ (147 gr. NATO M80 ball round) V0 @ 2100 ft/sec (640 m/sec) and V50 ballistic limit value >2,400 f/s (>731 m/s)
  • Provides fragmentation protection against 17 grain .22 cal FSP with V50 value >3,281 f/s (>1000 m/s) when tested in accordance to STANAG 2920
  • Blunt impact protection meets the U.S. Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) requirements
  • Meets or exceeds NIJ IIIA ballistic penetration protection standards (9mm)
  • Integrated retention and pad systems provide improved protection and stability without sacrificing comfort
  • A versatile design that is compatible with communications systems, goggles, gas masks, and ballistic vests

The Combat IIIA Ballistic Helmet is used for protection from handgun bullets, blunt impacts, bomb fragmentation, and select small arms projectiles. It is constructed with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and advanced ballistic fiber materials. With integrated retention and suspension systems, the helmet is engineered for excellent protection in a wide range of field conditions.

All BallisticClub Helmets are suitable for people with a head circumference less than 60 cm or 24 inches.

If your head circumference is greater than 24 inches, unfortunately, our helmets are not suitable for you. You can send an email to service@ballisticclub.com and we will customize a helmet that suits you.

The MICH-style helmet has 7 pads,and all 7 pads are removable and can be adjusted to various positions for better individual comfort and the retention system includes a fully adjustable, smooth sliding lock and a padded nape strap to ensure a stable and secure t. A user-friendly quick release is mounted on the left side of the user’s head. The retention system is attached to the shell with a sturdy four-point ush bolt system.If you think the helmet is too large, you can adjust it to achieve the most comfortable state.

How to adjust your helmet size to suit your head Ballistic Club-for the MICH-style ballistic helmet

The FAST-style helmet has the ACH Comfipad suspension system, a four point harness with a leather lined chin strap which , and an adjustable ratcheting system.If you think the helmet is not suitable, you can adjust the four point harness or the ratcheting knob to achieve the most comfortable state.

How to adjust your helmet size to suit your head Ballistic Club-for the FAST-style ballistic helmet

By the way, all helmets come with anti-collision foam pads. If you feel that the space inside the helmet is not large enough, you can remove the anti-collision foam pads on both sides according to your needs.

If you still have questions about the helmet size, please feel free to send an email to service@ballisticclub.com. One of our customer service staff will do their best to serve you.

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